The Best Pinterest VA Course — Launch Your Career as a Virtual Assistant

There’s never been a better time to get started as a Pinterest VA. A Pinterest VA is one of our favorite options for earning online income while creating a schedule on your terms. 

And the right course is extremely helpful to guide you through the sea of information available on the web. You can even get help discovering your niche with Pinterest. Most importantly, the best courses teach you how to use your skills to attract clients and help them grow their business through Pinterest.

A good course will get you up and running a successful business much more quickly than doing it yourself. 

What does a Pinterst VA do?

Let’s first talk about the role of a Pinterest VA. This is a virtual assistant who specializes in the Pinterest platform. Your first thought may be “how hard is it to pin pretty images for a client all day?” But truthfully, a skilled Pinterest specialist is highly desirable — and puts together quite a bit more than a few images in a newsfeed

In fact, Pinterest is a highly sophisticated search engine used for discovering creative outlets, such as recipes, photography, crafts, hobbies, fashion, and anything else people might need a little inspiration for. And how many people are using Pinterest for their latest inspiration? About 478 million a month.

That’s a ton of recipes waiting to be discovered. 

With Pinterest being the world’s largest visualization tool, having someone who knows how to navigate through all the features, tricks, and tips is invaluable to a business. 

The right Pinterest VA harnesses this power and uses it to grow brand awareness or increase traffic to a business. The best part is, as a VA you can create a side hustle or a full-time career out of this job. This is a great example of an online job you can do from the comfort of your couch, while providing value to several clients at once. 

The Skills used as a Pinterest VA

To find the right Pinterest VA course, you should first understand the skills needed for this type of job. First and foremost, you should be intimately familiar with Pinterest! You should first be familiar with it as someone who uses it on a daily basis. This way, you understand what appeals to the audience. 

A strong performing VA will perform a variety of tasks, with skills needed such as:

  • Setting up the Pinterest business accounts for clients
  • Create pin-worthy pins
  • Write descriptions which get noticed
  • Schedule pins for clients, typically with a scheduling tool such as Tailwind
  • Understand Rich Pins and how to use them
  • Understand how to promote a pin and run successful campaigns for the pins
  • Create boards and share with other pinners to expand audience reach
  • Perform account audits for businesses 

Once you have these skills down, another idea is to specialize in a niche with Pinterest. For instance, if you know the ins and outs of creating videos for this platform, then you can add this to your list of highly desirable skills.

Or perhaps you can specialize in Pinterest SEO, which is similar to Google SEO best practices, where you help your clients rank as high as possible in Pinterest searches when someone is searching for specific keywords. 

No matter what your specialty, you’re bringing extra value to customers, which means an opportunity for them to increase revenue. 

And yes, once you develop your specialities, this means you can charge more as a VA and increase your own revenue!

Developing your Skills with the Right Pinterest VA Course

Now that you have a general understanding of what a VA should be able to offer to clients, you’re likely wondering about the training. Sure, you know how to pin an eye-catching pin, but it’s an entirely different task to create a Pinterest strategy for a client.

This is where a Pinterest VA course comes in. 

Before we talk about the right kind of course, let’s back up a little. You should know you can teach yourself most of the skills mentioned above. The internet is full of advice and how-to guides all of which sound pretty convincing for making you an expert in any given category. 

But teaching yourself how to master Pinterest is a little more time consuming than you might expect. You will have to watch quite a few YouTube videos, read lots of blogs, go through lots of guides, and then practice everything you’ve learned on your own. 

Depending on how much time you want to devote to all of this research, you are better off getting your information from a trusted source, or a few sources, and having access to information all in one place.

Plus another major point to keep in mind is the Pinterest algorithms are constantly changing. This means you need access and training geared towards the latest and greatest information in order to provide the best service to clients. 

Learn in the Most Efficient Way

Again, a thorough Pinterest VA course rounds up the most desirable skills you need for a successful side hustle or career, and brings it all together for you to learn at once – and at your own pace.

As you’re choosing a course, first you need to be realistic about your comfort and knowledge level with Pinterest. You may already be a pinning pro and ready to take it to “the next level.” Or, perhaps you’ve only recently discovered you can make a career out of Pinterest and you have absolutely no idea where to start.

Once you’ve conducted a self-assessment, then you can narrow down the right course, based on your beginner, intermediate, or advanced knowledge base.

Another key point for choosing a course is knowing the best medium for you to learn. In other words, what works best for your brain? Are you a video person? Do you prefer to read through long, detailed written content? Or do you need small, bite-sized pieces you can easily digest on your own time?

There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to your style of learning. But what you want to make sure of before you shell out your hard-earned money is you are able to learn in the style the course instructors are teaching.

There’s also the matter of access to your coaches or support team. If you have questions and you want someone to reach out to, make sure you have a resource. This comes in the form of private Facebook groups, one-on-one coaching, live or pre-recorded webinars, or an e-mail address for support.

The Pinterest VA Course We Recommend

What you will find once you search for a course is there are a wide variety of options. This can be a good — or a bad thing, especially if there are too many choices. How in the world do you possibly know which one to choose?

We definitely know a few things about courses here at Laptop Empires. Since we run our own Facebook Side Hustle course, it’s given us plenty of insight for choosing the right course and content when it involves courses for other online businesses. 

One thing we’ve learned is there are numerous informative online courses available, but there are also some really bad ones too. But in the case of a Pinterest VA course, there is one we highly recommend.

The Become a Pinterest VA course from Kristin Larsen has become the gold-standard for us. This course not only teaches you all the skills you need to become proficient as a VA, but there are a ton of other resources too.

The course is broken up into five modules, which includes:

  • What the Pinterest VA role is
  • All about the services you can offer and how much to charge
  • How to find and land clients
  • Onboarding clients, growing relationships, and growing your business
  • The basics of Pinterest
  • Prepping your client’s account
  • Getting to know and utilizing Pinterest’s algorithm
  • Automating and scheduling pins
  • Promoted Pins
  • How to design pins
  • Running analytics

And if that isn’t enough, you have access to Gina and Kristin each week, plus leads for new clients. Trust me when I tell you not every course offers such thorough content while also providing major support from the teachers. 

Learn more about the Become a Pinterest VA course.

The Bottom Line

If you’re interested in learning how to turn your Pinterest skills into profit then a well-designed course is one of the best steps you can take to save time up front, and get to work as soon as possible. 

But not just any course will do. This is why we recommend the Become a Pinterest VA course, where you get the rich content you want, plus the hands-on teaching you need to start off on the right track.

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